Recommended Articles – April 2015

Reading a specification is a continuous process that anyone can learn. Stefan guides you through the steps of this process:
AMIQ Blog: How to Read a Specification:

You can draw a picture without lifting the pencil by using constraint random generation:
VerificationGentleman: Fun and Games with CRV: Draw This Without Lifting Your Pencil

Writing assertions might be easy, but qualifying them it’s a different story. SVAUnit is the framework that simplifies and speeds up the qualification process:
AMIQ Blog: How to Verify SystemVerilog Assertions with SVAUnit

To buy or not to buy a VIP? That is the question. Tudor explores a bit the possible answers:
VerificationGentleman: Cooking at Home or Eating Out? – The Pros and Cons of Homegrown VIP

Laxman Sahoo from ArrowDevices presents three scenarios in which the SystemVerilog threads are not OOP safe:
ArrowDevices: OOPs! 3 Issues That Show System Verilog Threads are Not OOP Safe!

In AMIQ Resources page you can find the contents of AMIQ’s bookshelf, conference papers, various cheatsheets, recommended articles, and the blogs we periodically scan for recommended articles.


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