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Education Program

The goal of the AMIQ Education Program is to shape a new generation of verification specialists!

About Education Program

We plan to do this by promoting pre-silicon hardware verification among universities, fostering collaboration between academia and industry, and helping students make the best career-related decisions.

The AMIQ Education Program primarily focuses on Romanian technical universities in electronics, automation, and computer science, but is also open to collaborations with foreign universities


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We help the next Verification Engineers generation not only by teaching functional and technical elements but also by promoting a strong work ethic. Our internship program is a welcoming environment for interns, a safe space to ask questions, make mistakes and learn from them. It covers the basics of pre-silicon hardware verification and gives students a chance to gain hands-on experience by trying out the technologies involved. Don’t take our word for it, see what interns had to say about it.
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Pre-Silicon Hardware Verification Courses

Hands-on courses are very appealing to students looking to gain first-hand experience in the field of pre-silicon hardware verification.
This is what drives us to deliver intensive courses (e.g., summer courses, workshops). An intensive Hardware Verification Course usually takes 40 hours, spread over one or two weeks during the summer. It covers the basics of pre-silicon hardware verification, (from job description to verification closure) and gives students a chance to try out the technologies involved.

A Certificate of Accomplishment or a Certificate of Participation (depending on involvement and skills shown) will be awarded as a souvenir.

Pre-Silicon Hardware Verification Courses

Course and Laboratory Support for Lecturers

Course and Laboratory Support for Lecturers

We are actively pursuing the inclusion of pre-silicon hardware verification courses in the curricula of Romanian universities. The AMIQ Education Program provides support for lecturers in developing course materials and practical exercises.
We can help set up the necessary laboratory infrastructure. AMIQ consultants review the lecture structure, contents, and presentation. Then, they propose practical exercises that best fit the course goals. On request, we can also do a first-time delivery of the lectures, especially when it comes to more complex subjects such as Constrained Random Generation and Verification Metrics. Our knowledge of the installation and configuration of specific tools speeds up laboratory setup and reduces the amount of work involved.

This form of collaboration blends academic and industry perspectives to produce high-quality, practice-oriented lectures and exercises for a new generation of verification specialists!

Internship Program

As part of our dedication to the community, we are happy to offer internship opportunities to students who are undertaking courses in electronic and software engineering. The AMIQ Education Program offers an environment that helps students or recent graduates launch their careers at AMIQ, giving them the chance to apply what they learned at university in exciting, cutting-edge projects.
We advertise our internship positions starting at the beginning of March and the selection process lasts until the end of June. The internships take place between July and September.

Our interns have many opportunities to grow and develop through their work. They are involved in either internal or customer projects, depending on the knowledge and skills they possess. All the exciting, challenging assignments will enable them to gain practical experience in programming and pre-silicon hardware design and verification.

At the end of their internship program, students are awarded either a Certificate of Accomplishment or a Certificate of Participation.

Internship Program

Graduate Thesis Support

Graduate Thesis Support

We understand how hard it is to be a final-year student. When you’re busy completing your honors thesis, you deserve a knowledgeable tutor to help guide the research and make sure the entire process goes smoothly. Final-year students (for BSc or MSc) can opt to write their dissertation under AMIQ supervision. If you’re writing your thesis on system-level verification, why not do it in a more structured way with more focus and reflection, instead of struggling through the limitations of a one-person thesis?

We want to help you complete your dissertation because we’ve already helped many other students just like you with theirs. Dissertation subjects are agreed upon between coordinating lecturers and AMIQ. Our consultants provide the required support and supervise activities, in order to ensure high-quality results within the given time constraint. The hardware and software infrastructure is also provided by AMIQ.

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