Recommended Articles – December 2016

Often, it happens that the information about a Design Under Test (DUT) or about its verification is being organized in the form of a table like structure (configurations, registers, operation modes, traffic types, etc.). Imagine if you could automatically create bits of code from an Excel table. How awesome is that! E-language is now able to do just that. The power of the in_table construct is now doubled if combined with the e-language macros table_row and table from file with. Check out the details in Cadence’s article: Creating Code from Tables.

AMIQ wrote a series of articles with the goal of educating graduates/engineers about WHAT does it mean to be a Verification Engineer and HOW you can become a Verification Engineer. Daniel Ciupitu, from AMIQ, continued the series answering the WHY question: AMIQ Blog: To be or not to be a Verification Engineer.

Since holiday season is close-by, I wish you Merry Christmas and all the best during 2017!

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