Recommended Articles – August 2015

Nicolaj Schweitz has compiled a metric-driven methodology that shall improve the testing capabilities in an Agile environment:
NicolajSchweitz: Can metrics improve agile testing? Measure, Analyse, Adjust

Rys Sommefeldt writes the story of chip development, a story where customers, engineers, tools, hardware, technologies and financial decisions take the stage:
RysSommefeldt: Semiconductors from idea to product

UVM tutorials flow did not stop on LearnUVMVerification. This time SystemVerilog data types, UVM factory and coverage metrics are the main topics of interest.

AMIQ’s Gotcha series continues. This time our focus is on SystemVerilog array indices. Having expressions as array indices may lead to unwanted behavior. Have a look at it:
AMIQ Blog – Gotcha: Using SystemVerilog Expressions as Array Indices

In AMIQ Resources page you can find the contents of AMIQ’s bookshelf, conference papers, various cheatsheets, recommended articles, and the blogs we periodically scan for recommended articles.


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